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Art remains an intangible necessity for the Soul. Art is a means of expression for the Artist, and a means of comfort for the Audience. Without Art, the World would be a blank slate, without thought, joy and just dullness. These are motivations for the Founders to create Production Bohèmia - we exist to add colour to our world, for our Artists, and for you. 


As a travelling and expanding production group for Stage, Music and Media, we are ever open to Collaborations exploring Diversity and Variety. As much as working with Conventions, our Art involves breaking boundaries to shedding new light on existing subject matters.  


In our Team, we involve Professionals as well as aspiring young professionals to provide them with a springboard into their Careers, to create Works of a high Artistic Standard in an environment of positivity and passion. 

Our Vision is to become a Body which inspires and touches hearts and bring Inspiration and Passion to the Artist and the Audience alike.

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